Skipping a rock over a frozen pond makes the coolest noise.

stick around for the surprise ending


(lukes p.o.v)

“all I do now a days is mope around, wishing she was still here, holding my hand, watching tv with me, cuddling with me as we’d fall asleep. it was torture. only remembering and thinking about all the stupid and crazy things we did together. I can’t even drive with out thinking about her, seeing the stain in the seat from her spilt chocolate milkshake, I even make it harder on myself by driving by the point where we got drunk with our friends all the time, we’d even go there by ourselves sometimes and just look at the sky, she’d say how pretty it was, I’d say how pretty she was. ash says she’s doing well, which is good, I mean, I wish she was still doing well with me but, it’s too late. I just want to go back to the day she left, re do it, take out what we said to each other, take out all the tears and stained makeup, re do it all and maybe she’d be here right now, sitting next to me, at our spot. but it’s not, so all I have are memories. but I really hope she’s doing well, cause I’m really not fine at all.”

(your p.o.v)
“it’s so different, not seeing him everyday like I used to. I mean, it’s been a month, you’d think if be used to it by now, I’m not. I see different guys almost every week, why, I just say I want to move on from him. but in all honesty, I want to find someone like him, try and relive it all. why did I say the stuff I said. I shouldn’t have, I crushed him, I crushed my self. all I can do is wait, wait for him to come back to me, come say sorry like he used to, even when it wasn’t his fault. I go to sleep every night thinking about the point, our spot, how perfect he looked, how perfect the kiss was, and then I start to cry. Ash checks up on me, saying that Luke wants to know, but I know he doesn’t, he doesn’t care, or at least that’s what he said, I said I didn’t either, but I do, I still do. but now all I have is the thought of him, I just hope he’s doing good, cause I’m not fine at all.”